Diageo Horizon

The Client

Diageo Horizon is the management platform for all Diageo digital projects and brands. The system is designed to automatise the project planning cycle from planning to production to hosting.

The Challenge

Diageo needed a way to automatise the way digital projects are executed. Previously, each brand needed constant help for plan hosting, security and performance testing, SEO reviews, etc. By building this solution, Diageo can communicate directly with all the agencies, local and global, and guide them through an automatic workflow from planning, to creative, down to hosting configuration, testing, DNS management, etc. The whole platform simplifies what before required a deep knowledge of all the 3rd parties involved in a creation of a site.

The Tech

  PHP and JAVA based solution from design to development.

  •   Responsive Design
  •   Analytics
  •   Laravel PHP Framework 
  •   3rd party integration and automation


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'Thank you for all the hard work over the past 6…and for some of you it has been even longer than 6 months…I know every single person on this project has put in long hours, weekends and effort above and beyond their normal call of duty. Thank you.' - Projects and Service Delivery Manager, Diageo