Go Direct


Direct Asia is one of Asia's largest online insurance brokers

In line with their brand re-vamp, they needed a new web site that would promote their positioning as a simple/personal solution to online car insurance, with a web site that made it easier to get the insurance customers needed

Online car insurance sites are often cluttered and confusing, and can be difficult to get the information you need at your fingertips


Following an extensive review, we cam up with a user experience and design that simplified the process of searching and applying for car insurance online

We re-designed the interface to make we were able to communicate the hierarchy of brand positioning, information relevance and an easy to use navigation system

Key to this was using icons and short cuts to fast track the process

We also simplified the application flow to make quicker and simpler to get a quote or apply for insurance

Finally we made sure the look and feel of the site was in line with the new positioning - helpful, positive and here to help


  • The results to date have been very encouraging, with traffic to the site and online requests all growing via this site