Invisible Cage Campaign

Invisible Cage Campaign


Globally Tiger Beer was re-launching its brand positioning to appeal to a younger, more mass market in Asia who were trying to break free from lives often constrained by societal and personal challenges.

The global Uncaged campaign helped reflect this new positioning across Asia.

In Thailand though, the cages on youth these days are even stronger - so we needed to find a way to break through to many young Thais who struggle to imagine a future they can make for themselves, in a society with so many barriers at the moment.


So the brand decided on a different way of reaching younger audiences - approaching one of Thailand's best short-film makers to create something original.

The result was a 15-minute unbranded online documentary - The Invisible Cage - that told several stories about young Thais struggling to find their way in lives that struggled against other people's expectations of what their lives should be.

Importantly, the story focused not on achievement or success, but on the inspirational stories behind their struggle and the road that still lays ahead.

We decided to use the amateur stars of our film - all emerging from music, fashion and cycling - to help Uncage other Thai youth in similar fields.

In #ClicktoUncage, we created a further campaign where people could simply click on the cause that each of the stars promoted - a fashion academy, a music school and a cycling group - with each social media action by fans promoting the cause

Every banner clicked, film watched or photo liked meant the cage was unlocked for these groups and the chance for more young Thais to live their dreams, their way.


  • The invisible cage reached almost 1.4m views in only a month, with over 50% of these views coming from organic sharing
  • The brand's most successful online campaign to date, also drove two big events and is helping to unlock the future for young Thais.